Standing as one of our most decorative line of products, Charles H. Beckley daybeds are a true demonstration of our level of customizability. Any single one of our headboard shapes, as well as any custom shape, can be adapted into a daybed arm. In order for the maximum strength and longevity of the overall piece, we reinforce both ends of our divan box-spring, which supports the daybed arms.

Twin Size E Style Daybed, (2) 6 Diameter Round End Bolsters, (2) 16 Throw Pillows, 5 Bristol Foam Core Upholstered Mattress, Upholstered Retractable Door & Pop-Up Trundle

Our pop-up trundle mechanism utilizes a low-profile, high-density foam core mattress which fits perfectly under our trundle style daybeds. We can also construct a hardwood frame trundle which can be made to sit on single-direction or all-direction casters. The wooden trundle can be painted or stained and color desired, it offers some additional decorative flexibility, as well as a strong enough frame to support most adult sleepers.

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