Electric Adjustable Beds

Unfortunately, over time, life has a way of making it more difficult to enjoy one of the most comfortable parts of your day. In an attempt to help make your time in bed more enjoyable, we at Charles H. Beckley are happy to bring our level of quality and comfort to a line of fully customizable electric adjustable beds. Just the same as all of our bedding, these can be made to virtually any size, height, look, & feel. We can fully upholster the bed and have it stand on its own, with or without a headboard, and to fit a wooden poster bed or sleigh bed.

Upholstered Full Size Electric Adjustable Bed, 12” High Surround, Upholstered “K” Headboard

We have recently upgraded our electric motor to a state-of-the-art model which uses a very simple motion and eliminates many of the moving parts used in older models. Other new features include:

Wireless Hand Control
Massaging Feature
Pre-Set Positions
Quieter Motor


The Wallhugger® is a newly designed feature which allows you to still easily access to your nighttables while the head position is lifted up. The concept behind this new mechanism is that it will shift back the entire bed platform as the head is lifted up; older versions would simply have had the head go right up and take you away from your normal position.


The remote control operates the unit by wireless communication. Illuminated, raised touch keys provide easy to find buttons, even in the dark; optional features include storing your favorite comfort to memory and a one touch flat position button, equipped with upper and lower therapeutic body massage, including wave action to relax tired muscles from head to foot. Optional features include: intensity variation and timer.

*Wallhugger is a registered trademark of Leggett and Platt Incorporated*

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