Hand-Tied Box Springs


Our “Divan” is a self supporting box spring; it eliminates the need for a bedframe or platform. They can be built with heavy-duty recessed wheels, recessed wooden legs, and/or with decorative feet in the corners; wood legs can be stained or painted. A headboard can be bolted directly to the Divan box spring.


The “Single Border” is designed to fit INSIDE the rails of a bedframe. If your bedframe has slats or angle irons (L-brackets), then the Single Border is the correct choice. We can customize the thickness of our Single Border box spring (between 5" and 10") to work with the height of your bedrail. This box spring will also rest on a basic metal bed frame (ie "Harvard" frame).


“Rabbet Edge” box springs are similar to the single border, but notched to sit on TOP of the rail, as opposed to inside the rail. This allows for the box spring to sit flush to the outside edge of the bed rail; a very sharp look when upholstered. This box spring is often used for antique and/or reproduction 4-poster and canopy bed frames.



We use the highest quality woven natural
cotton ticking to cover all of our box springs

Ticking Color Choices Currently Available-

(We can also upholster any of our box springs in a fabric you choose and provide, as seen above)


How They Are Hand-Made...

Our box spring frames are each specifically built to fit the project specifications. Each board of poplar hardwood is individually cut to fit together like a puzzle.
After being glued at each point of contact, heavy duty nails are used to secure the pieces together. The combination of nails & glue create a virtually ever-lasting bond.
Each cross piece, or slat, is cushioned with soft material to dampen any sound or vibration. The goal is to eliminate direct contact between the metal spring and hardwood.
The springs are each tied in eight directions to optimize the strength and form. This allows every spring to support the nine surrounding it while being held strong at the same time.
Once the springs are all tied together and banded by an outer rod, we pad the unit with two layers of all natural cotton felt. This also helps dampen any sound or vibration, and adds some additional cushion and support.
Finally, a custom cut and sewn cover is upholstered permanently to the wood frame. This is the finishing piece of the box spring construction and finishes the overall look.

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